Take action on HB847 – puts minors at risk with medical treatments

Ask your House member to OPPOSE HB847, which puts minors at risk with medical treatment. See problems with the bill and link to reach your representatives here.

ERA Silent Sentinels Vigil in the news!! Join our next one after WAD!

Our ERA Silent Sentinels Vigil is in the news! We’re having another vigil on 4/21/15 at 2pm, after Women’s Advocacy Day (WAD). More on both here!

Silent Sentinel Vigil for ERA on 4/21/15 at 2pm

Join NC NOW and NC4ERA on 4/21/15 at 2pm as a ‘Silent Sentinel’ to encourage the Judiciary Committee to move HB166 Equal Rights Amendment out of committee. Sign this petition whether you can join us in person or only in spirit!

Give a holler to Nelson Dollar to fight HB465!

Take action against a really over-the-top anti-abortion bill, House Bill 465. One phone call will help stop this terrible, overreaching bill in its tracks. Before it eliminates programs that train women’s doctors at universities in NC. And more.

Intent vs. Impact, speech on anti-abortion language in JVTA and blocking qualified women

Speech from Trust Women press conference on 4/8/15 about the Hyde Amendment, the anti-abortion wording in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act and our US Senators’ interference with Loretta Lynch and Jennifer May-Parker nominations for federal positions.

Safety of abortion and status of clinic access in NC

Some people are surprised to learn how many women get abortions in the US and how safe getting an abortion actually is.  Also, abortion has been accessible in North Carolina (mostly in urban areas) with less interference through 2011. What do you know about the increase in interference with women, doctors and abortion increasing in NC and the national trend?Continue reading “Safety of abortion and status of clinic access in NC”

Good until 2011, when omnibus antiabortion bill was passed over veto

The number of states considered hostile to abortion skyrocketed from 2000 to 2014, as you can see in the infographic from Guttmacher Institute, at http://www.guttmacher.org/media/infographics/2000-2014-maps-states.html North Carolina was doing fine through 2010.  When the conservatives took over the Legislature in 2011, women’s access to abortion was attacked in a severe way.  Somehow conservatives convinced a Republican womanContinue reading “Good until 2011, when omnibus antiabortion bill was passed over veto”

Allen: Women Must Make Own Decisions, N&O, 2/8/14

“What must be challenged is why women’s life decisions can be legislated.” from letter to editor (LTE) by Jan Allen: Women Must Make Own Decisions This LTE by our Jan Allen – who actual plays important roles in many women’s groups – she is an integral part of NC NOW, has been on the boardContinue reading “Allen: Women Must Make Own Decisions, N&O, 2/8/14”