North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #17 – 24 May 2021

This was a slow week at the legislature following a week of frantic activity last week to pass bills to meet the crossover deadline. The main action is taking place behind closed doors and concerns the budget. Most of the good bills we have been following, with the exception of those that include an appropriation, are dead for this session. However, the two bad abortion bills are very much alive and need your attention and action. For more information about these bills and how to take action to oppose them, see

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #16 – 17 May 2021

There was a lot of frantic activity at the legislature this week because Thursday was the crossover deadline.  A bill must pass either the House or the Senate before the crossover deadline to remain alive.  There are exceptions, most notably appropriations bills (any bill that contains an appropriation), but generally this rule holds true.  The two very bad abortion bills are still alive and a handful of good bills made the deadline.