NC NOW Legislative Update, 4 Jun 18

NC NOW Legislative Update #3 of the Short Session, 4 Jun 18 talks about the budget as the most controversial in modern history—not for what it contains, but for the process it went through. The process was explained in detail in NC NOW’s Legislative Update #2 for the Short Session, 28 May 18. This week, people learned more about some inappropriate recipients of taxpayer money, and what the budget did and did not do. The Legislative Update also lists the bills that NC NOW is tracking – bill numbers, summaries, and where they are in the process.

$1.55 Million in Taxpayer Money Going to CPCs in NC Budget

Information and Actions to take! The NCGA is giving taxpayer money away to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. They gave $1.3 million away in the 2017 budget, and have increased the amount in the 2018 budget. The money is going to 3 CPC umbrella organizations! Take action here!

NC NOW Legislative Update, 28 May 18

First and foremost, the NCGA Short Session budget machinations.  “The Republican leadership has devised a plan to pass their budget bill without going through the normal appropriations process and blocking any amendments. ” And some response to this underhanded and hypocritical move, including an action you can take.

Rape Kit Inventory Initiated in Fayetteville, NOW Helped

We learned about a shocking number of untested rape kits in NC on 2/28/18. This is the story of how that came about, how a few people in Fayetteville got a problem tracked by changing the law. Now others can focus on finding money to get those rape kits tested so NC can find and jail more rapists.

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #21 Summary – June 27, 2015

The summary discusses the NC Senate’s budget and attacks on education and anti-discrimination laws. Also read about the non-standard process used to make ‘elections modifications’ in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling against Voter ID.