Campus visits with Ellie Smeal and Terry O’Neill in NC

Join Ellie Smeal, President of Feminist Majority, and Terry O’Neill, President of NOW for any of 3 events around North Carolina. Events in Charlotte, the Triad on Mar 2, and in the Triangle on Mar 3.

Ellie Smeal and Terry O’Neill are coming to Raleigh – 3/3/16

BREAKING NEWS: Fabulous Feminist Ellie Smeal (Ms. Magazine and Feminist Majority), and NOW president Terry O’Neill are coming to Raleigh on March 3 at 11am! They are just a few of the exciting speakers lined up for this She Wins, We Win rally!

News about NC’s Primary – currently 3/15/16

The North Carolina General Assembly has been ordered to fix the congressional district redistricting maps. It is possible that NC’s primary will have to be moved back to accommodate mandated changes. Here is information on public input toward the changes, and links to voting in the primary.

10th annual HK on J march and rally in Raleigh – Feb 13, 2016

Join NC NOW chapters in the 10th annual Historic Thousands on Jones St March and Rally on Saturday, Feb 13, 2016.

Suffragette – what an inspiring, heart wrenching story!

New movie “Suffragettes” shows realities of life for women in the not too distant past, and a proven path for change. Too bad it was such a hard path. Next step for women’s equality – Equal Rights Amendment!

Don’t accept anything less than Equality and Justice for all!

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall inspires as keynote speaker with speech at Women’s Equality Through Time event on 8/28/15. Use the power to speak out and to vote that Susan B. Anthony and Lillian Exum Clement and other women have sent through history to reach you today!