Pro-Choice Signature Ad Packets are ready!

Take a look at the pro-choice signature ad packet that NC NOW delivers to all NC Legislators. This year’s letter talks about anti-choice legislation in 2015 and about how HB 2 is disastrous for women.

NC NOW’s 18th and 19th legislative updates are available for members

NC NOW’s eighteenth and nineteenth legislative updates are available for members. These are the June 13 and June 6 Legislative Updates. All updates include a list of bills that NC NOW is tracking.

Apparently a 72 hour waiting period doesn’t apply to lawmakers..(HB465)

Anti-abortion bill HB465, which triples the unnecessary waiting period, tracks doctors and sends women’s personal medical records to the state, is off to the Governor to sign or veto. ASK HIM TO VETO IT ASAP!!

Take Action on HB465 – Call Your House Representative

The Senate has rewritten the anti-abortion bill HB465 and changed its title to make it sound innocent. It is not – this bill has all the problems from edition 2 plus more snuck in on top. Contact your House Representatives and ask them to vote against this heinous bill.

Interfering, Condescending and Invasive Bill – HB465

The NC House approved an extreme anti-abortion bill with a maximum of discourtesy – GOP men stepped out during the debate, doctors and opponents of the bill not allowed to speak (only one opponent of the bill total), no reasonable amendments were accepted. Brazenly appalling behavior and results.