Visit NOW at “Women Breaking Barriers” Event in Raleigh on 9/7/19

Our NC state government is sponsoring a once in a lifetime event – Women Breaking Barriers – at the state Capital in Raleigh on 9/7/19. Women Breaking Barriers is part of the “She Changed The World” series of events focused on women running from May 2019 through December 2020. At the NC NOW table, we’ll be running a Women in Science Jeopardy game and selling our new NOW t-shirts. Our jeopardy game goes great with the theme, as it’s all about women who changed the world! Triad NOW will have their own table with activities on women’s history and LGBTQ history. ERA-NC Alliance will highlight need for ERA. League of Women Voters helped organize the program and is doing a skit, among other things. The event ran from 10-3pm. Beautiful campaign! The event runs from 10-3pm. Come to the event and visit our table, or come help staff our table.