North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #17 – 24 May 2021

This was a slow week at the legislature following a week of frantic activity last week to pass bills to meet the crossover deadline. The main action is taking place behind closed doors and concerns the budget. Most of the good bills we have been following, with the exception of those that include an appropriation, are dead for this session. However, the two bad abortion bills are very much alive and need your attention and action. For more information about these bills and how to take action to oppose them, see

Great news! Irwin Detention Center in GA To Be Closed, Investigations ‘Reactivated’

Great news on the Irwin Detention Center from the Georgia NOW President, Triana Arnold James. Georgia NOW had been fighting the alleged sterilizations and other terrible conditions at the Irwin Detention Center in Georgia since last September when a whistleblower exposed conditions there. Nurse Dawn Wooten became a whistleblower last September when she exposed that a doctor waas sterilizing many many women without their consent at this detention center, ‘shoddy Covid care’ as well as the shredding of medical records at Irwin. In addition, The Daily Beast had reported last fall that the doctor who ordered and performed the hysterectomies, Dr. Mahendrakumar Amin, is not even a board-certified OB-GYN. How dare ICE use someone like that. Raleigh NOW was also very interested in this situation, and a member had written to the Georgia state medical board on the terrible doctor. Investigations were reopened on detention center and on this doctor. Action to take to help detained immigrants.

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #16 – 17 May 2021

There was a lot of frantic activity at the legislature this week because Thursday was the crossover deadline.  A bill must pass either the House or the Senate before the crossover deadline to remain alive.  There are exceptions, most notably appropriations bills (any bill that contains an appropriation), but generally this rule holds true.  The two very bad abortion bills are still alive and a handful of good bills made the deadline. 

Stop Endangering Women’s Lives Event Summary – 9/10/19

Summary of “Stop Endangering Women’s Lives” event on 9/10/19, with agenda, speakers and topics. The 138th consecutive Tuesdays With Tillis rally included speakers from NC National Organization of Women, NARAL Pro-Choice NC, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, Action NC, and MomsRisingNC. Our emcee was a Tuesdays With Tillis organizer.

Equal Means Equal Screening and Discussion – 9/17/19

If you have not seen this important documentary, Equal Means Equal, now is your chance! If you’ve only seen it once, you may want to see it again. It shows us the real situation of women in the United States. Very intense. We will discuss afterward.