New terminology to cover old problems

We now have new terminology to cover old problems – ‘manterrupting’ and ‘bropropriating.’ Manterrupting: unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man. Bropropriating: a man taking a woman’s idea and taking credit for it. These problems are covered in some interesting places recently – Time Magazine, and the New York Times among them. Time Magazine is whereContinue reading “New terminology to cover old problems”

You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!

Can you believe the following statistics from a US Senate survey and report? 1 in 5 undergraduate women are victims of sexual assault on campus. Fewer than 5% of these rape victims report their attack to law enforcement. 8% of institutions don’t allow confidential reporting of rapes and sexual assaults. Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri) had theContinue reading “You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!”

Simple Justice, Long Overdue – Why We Need ERA Now!

Many people today take for granted that equal rights between men and women are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – and are shocked when they learn that they are not. To this day, the right to vote is the only right guaranteed to the women.  And women make up more than 50% of the U.S.Continue reading “Simple Justice, Long Overdue – Why We Need ERA Now!”

TPP and how trade agreements can hurt women especially

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a regional Nafta-style trade agreement, which would grant even greater privileges to transnational corporations, and further hurt workers, communities and women in countries involved in TPP.

Fearless Carla Cunningham and Introduction of ERA in NC

ERA is ‘in the air,’ according to the NC National Organization for Women. The ERA stars in a new book, Equal Means Equal, was mentioned in an Oscar award acceptance speech last Sunday, and (big announcement!) is being introduced at the NC Legislature this session. ERA would address ongoing pay inequity, workplace discrimination and violence against women!

Snow cancels women’s events this week

Two snowstorms this week are wreaking havoc on planned women’s events (and our lives!).   NC Women United’s Women’s Advocacy Day had to be cancelled on Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015 due to an unexpected snowstorm that caught even the weather forecasters by surprise.  In fact, roads weren’t brined and schools weren’t cancelled until after the school busses wereContinue reading “Snow cancels women’s events this week”

Women’s Advocacy Day – Reception and Main Event

SPEAK OUT NOW!  KEYNOTE – DREAM hAMPTON Don’t forget to pre-register. Links below. The NC General Assembly (NCGA) is back in session, and it’s more important than ever for women to speak up against the Carolina ROLLBACK.  As veteran teachers continue to be short-shifted, and attacks on the UNC public university system are rampant! With this bi-annualContinue reading “Women’s Advocacy Day – Reception and Main Event”

Good until 2011, when omnibus antiabortion bill was passed over veto

The number of states considered hostile to abortion skyrocketed from 2000 to 2014, as you can see in the infographic from Guttmacher Institute, at North Carolina was doing fine through 2010.  When the conservatives took over the Legislature in 2011, women’s access to abortion was attacked in a severe way.  Somehow conservatives convinced a Republican womanContinue reading “Good until 2011, when omnibus antiabortion bill was passed over veto”

15th annual SBA event – Fayetteville NOW – 2/26/15

Fayetteville NOW presents its FIFTEEN ANNUAL Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration!! Date: Thur. February 26, 2015 Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm Place: VFW Post 6018, 116 Chance Street, Fayetteville Note: Chance street is off Ramsey Street. Please join us! For more information, see the flyer at

Make a statement – I’m pro-choice!

Jan 22, 2015 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women control over their own bodies and lives.  We can celebrate that as a national blessing – 42 years of legal, constitutionally protected abortion care in the United States. But how many abortion clinics are left in NC?  15.  CompareContinue reading “Make a statement – I’m pro-choice!”