Davis: NC Women are Running and Winning in Record Numbers

More women than ever are running and winning in North Carolina. Many for Congress; a record number of women ran for the NC state legislature in 2018. Our state and federal PACs endorse female and male candidates based on their views on women’s issues. See how to look up your voting information. Your vote has never mattered more!

Media Advisory: Stop Kavanaugh 2, 9/11/18, in Raleigh

Read about next #StopKavanaugh rally at Senator Thom Tillis’ office in Raleigh, including the media advisory. See pictures of some of our sheroes and heroes who went to protest and got arrested at the confirmation hearings. Some got arrested multiple times!

Triad Women’s Equality Day Event – 8/26/18

Celebrating the Voices and Victories of the past as we continue to unite women and “March on the Polls” this election season! Recognizing the urgency and importance of this year’s elections, we gather to celebrate women’s hard-won right to vote and take action to make sure we use that right in November to support women’s rights! Sponsored by Triad NOW and other organizations.

Durham, First Human and Women’s Rights City in North Carolina

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: NC Coalition For CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) CONTACTS: Melissa Peters, http://www.womennc.org, melissa.peters@womennc.org Gailya Paliga, http://www.northcarolinanow.org, president@raleighnow.org Durham, First Human and Women’s Rights City in North Carolina Raleigh, NC, 8/5/18 – The Durham City Council passed a resolution endorsing the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination AgainstContinue reading “Durham, First Human and Women’s Rights City in North Carolina”

Honest Captions for Six Constitutional Amendments #NixAllSix

Citizens are OUTRAGED at the latest power grab by the #ncga leadership. The#NCGA leadership called a special session on 7/23/18 to take place on 7/24/18 to usurp the job of a real commission to write captions for the 6 constitutional amendments that they put on the ballot! Just the captions! An activist friend provided honest captions they should use! Outraged citizens were there to greet the NCGA, including NC NOW members, women, young people, and children with moms.