Women and Allies Show Strength Again at Raleigh Women’s March on 1/26/19!

Thousands gathered at the NC Legislative Building and in Halifax Mall for the 2019 Raleigh Women’s March on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Summary of event with theme, speakers, performers, signs and more.

Raleigh Women’s March Is 1/26/19!

We are excited about the 3rd Raleigh Women’s March event. Join us to celebrate women rising up and running for office and winning. Hear from women who are making a difference.

Coverage of NC’s 9 Women’s Marches and Rallies on 1/20/18

The Women’s Marches this year (2018) are a way to celebrate what we have accomplished over the last year and demonstrate to each other that we’re all still here fighting together for a better future. Here are links to press coverage of the 9 women’s march anniversary events we knew about.

And then there were nine (Women’s March Anniversary Events in NC)

NINE Women’s March anniversary events are being planned in NC so far. These are for January 20th, 2018.  Triad – Women’s March On The Polls, 12-3pm, Corpening Plaza, 231 W First St, Winston-Salem facebook.com/triadwomensmarch Raleigh – Women’s Rally On Raleigh, 9-1, Raleigh NC. Theme is “Women Leading The Resistance!” https://www.facebook.com/events/1611316172263531/ Charlotte – Charlotte’s Women’s March, 10am-2pm,Continue reading “And then there were nine (Women’s March Anniversary Events in NC)”