Women’s Equality Events


Includes an actual ERA-NC Alliance Retreat, and an ERA workshop at the NC NOW conference on Oct 21. See “Upcoming ERA Events – Oct. 2017.” 

All of the Equal Means Equal Showings
around the State (2017)!

All of the showings of the documentary Equal Means Equal are women’s Equality events! There have been many, but here I will mention

Women Rise Up March and Rally in Durham for Women’s Equality Day, 2017!

A coalition of women’s organizations had a “Women Rise Up” march and rally in Durham to commemorate Women’s Equality Day on 8/26/17. Read about the event at “Women Rise Up in Durham on 8/26/17.” Read more about Women’s Equality Day at “Women’s Equality Day History – Right to Vote Not Enough.”

Women’s Mobilization Monday, 2017

Women’s Mobilization Monday is March 27, 2017, at the NCGA in Raleigh. Two events in three parts are planned at the NC General Assembly – a press conference at 3pm and gathering in the 1000 court of the NCGA at 6:30pm, and sitting in the NC House Chamber gallery at 6:50pm in order to be formally recognized during the evening session. Read more at ERA Update (Two State Strategy!) and ERA Events.”

Also recognizing that on March 22, 2017, the state of Nevada ratified the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), 45 years to the day after it was passed by Congress and sent to states! This is big exciting news for women who want a permanent guarantee of basic human rights for women locked in the US Constitution.


Why We Need ERA

Sunday, March 26, 2017, Equal Means Equal screening and discussion in Durham. 2-5pm. Read more about it at “Why We Need ERA – Event in Durham on 3/26/17.”


Equal Means Equal No More Excuses

Friday, August 26, 2016, in Manteo: Equal Means Equal documentary showing with a panel discussion. The documentary showing begins at 4pm sharp, so please arrive by 3:45pm. More at Manteo Showing of Equal Means Equal.

Saturday, August 27, in Fayetteville: Fayetteville NOW and Quaker House join together to celebrate Women’s Equality Day on Saturday, Aug 27, 2-4pm. See more at “Women’s Equality Day Celebration in Fayetteville.” 

Special showing of Equal Means Equal in Raleigh in conjunction with NC NOW State Conference. Join us on Friday, Sept 30, in Raleigh, at the Comfort Inn and Suites Crabtree Valley at 4pm.  Seating is limited, so contact info@nc4era.org asap.


The Equal Rights Amendment – Give a Damn!
        Conference – October 24, 2015

This is your chance to hear from our ERA bills’ lead sponsors, Rep. Carla Cunningham and Sen. Floyd McKissick.  Also hear from Melinda Lowrance, an NAACP leader and member of RATIFY ERA-NC leadership team. We’ll also spend time discussing strategies for eventual victory in our long struggle for equal rights for women and men.


Senator Floyd McKissick, sponsor of SB184

See more at ERA Conf Oct 24 2015 flyer.

This event is being organized by Ratify ERA-NC.

Aug 28, 2015 – 
Women’s Equality through Time

We’re doing our first annual Women’s Equality March and Rally in downtown Durham, 4:30pm – 7:30pm.

Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment! Women Win when Women Vote!

NC women are FIRED UP and ready to rally! We have a women led, women run women’s march and rally in honor and recognition of Women’s Equality Day. 

Womens Equality March with date.blkwh

The national “Women’s Equality Day” holiday on August 26th marks women’s suffrage with the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, constitutionally guaranteeing women the right to vote.

North Carolina did not ratify the Nineteenth Amendment until 1971, over 50 years later.  However, this was really more of a symbolic gesture.  Women were already voting.  http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/nchist-newcentury/4987

Featured Speakers:
Keynote: Secretary of State: Elaine F. Marshall
NC Senator: Erica Smith-Ingram


Start: Old Durham Cunty Courthouse, 200 E. Main St.
End (Rally Point): Durham Central Park, 501 Foster St.

Gather at 4:30pm.
Step-off at 5:15pm.
Rally at 6:15pm.

This is a FREE FUN FAMILY event!
Speakers, performance artists, skits, live music bands, children’s activities and food trucks!

Sign up at the facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1477419335885836/

Print and share our flyer at WEMR Flyer.

This event is organized by NC NOW, NC4ERA, WomenNC, ActionNC, NC Women Matter, Working America in NC, Moms Rising NC, and NCWU.  

September 9, 2015 – want to see how the event went?

Who better to keynote this event than Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, the first woman elected to a statewide executive office in North Carolina history. Read a copy of her speech at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/09/11/dont-accept-anything-less-than-equality-and-justice-for-all/

You can see the full program agenda at https://northcarolinanow.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/wemr-2015-program-28aug15.pdf

See NC NOW’s summary of the event (with pictures) at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/womens-equality-through-time-event-drew-several-hundreds/

You can get a real feel for the whole event (from gathering at the courthouse to the end of the rally) watching this great video by Fusion Films/Eric Preston at https://vimeo.com/138738428


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