2020 Proposed Bylaws Changes and Resolutions

Proposed changes to the NC NOW Bylaws for the 2020 NC NOW State Conference on 10/10/20. This conference is a virtual conference, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Plans are to officially allow meetings conducted through technology assisted communications. This was done via a resolution to be voted on by members.

Resolution in Support of NC NOW’s Virtual 2020 State Conference
Several people familiar with NOW practice and parliamentary procedure have recommended that we pass a resolution in support of us using virtual meeting technology to fulfill our responsibilities to North Carolina NOW, but also to recognize the times we are in and the uncharted territory we are facing in the coming months.

Most NOW chapters and states do not have explicit mention of virtual meeting technology and providing for its use in their bylaws. There we propose the following resolution from this body stating that we understand that fact, but acknowledge efforts made by NC NOW to comply with our bylaws in every other respect. We also know that NOW has used USPS mail ballots before and we will use them now if we need to have a vote count for our state officer positions.

Ratifying NC NOW’s Decision to Hold a State Meeting
Using Zoom Virtual Meeting Software

Whereas, the NC NOW Bylaws do not specifically mention the option for the organization to meeting in online settings using virtual meeting technology to conduct business, and

Whereas, NC NOW has been taking votes for years over the phone and via email, and

Whereas, we are required as an organization by our bylaws to have an annual meeting of our membership, and

Whereas, in setting up this meeting we have followed every mandate in our own bylaws and in Robert’s Rules to set a date, giving notice several ways and in some cases multiple times, and

Whereas, in light of the current health crisis, given the counties in our state having local meeting ordinances, and our state-level laws and health safety recommendations currently in place, we do not believe we can, under these circumstances attempt to hold an in-person meeting; nor can we ignore the bylaws and rules under which we are to function responsibly to give our members the assurance that we value their rights to a voice in our organization’s leadership.

Therefore, the membership gathered is holding this virtual conference on Friday, October 9, from 6:30pm-9pm, and Saturday, October 10th from 9am – 1 pm using Zoom Videoconferencing software. We are using the USPS Postal first-class letter mail to conduct votes for our state officer positions for the 2020-2021 year if ballots are required.

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