NC NOW Legislative Updates

NC NOW provides weekly legislative updates for members. Some are posted on the website. Here are some from 2019. Each legislative update includes a summary and a list of House bills and a list of Senate bills. These are written by Robin Davis, NC NOW Vice President of Political Action.

NC NOW Legislative Update #29—9/30/19 – The fireworks over the House vote to override the budget veto continue. Updates on the new legislative district maps. New lawsuit against unfair Congressional district maps (in light of lies exposed and other lawsuit). Movement on Medicaid expansion, but includes severe restrictions. Bill was written WITHOUT bi-partisan input.

NC NOW Legislative Update #28—9/16/19 – House votes to override budget veto in explosive session on 9/11/19 with few Democrats and no press present, because they were led to believe there would be no vote that morning. In other big news this week, Common Cause won its lawsuit concerning partisan gerrymandering and the state Supreme Court has ordered the legislature to draw new districts using non-partisan criteria. 

NC NOW Legislative Update #27 – 9/3/19 – There has been movement on both the budget and Medicaid transformation.  To get around the impasse over the vetoed budget, the legislature has passed a slew of stand-alone budget bills addressing specific areas. We share a Facebook post from one of our NC Senators that exposes the Republican strategy for preventing Democrats from amending a bill.  This is almost unbelievable. In other big news, Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 555, Medicaid Transformation Implementation that would change Medicaid from fee-for-service to managed care.  Medicaid transformation is contained in the budget the Governor vetoed, but this stand-alone bill is one of the piecemeal budget bills passed by the legislature.

NC NOW Legislative Update #26 – 8/26/19 This week NC NOW, ERA-NC Alliance and AAUW-NC unveiled 4 new ERA billboards with a press conference at the NC Legislature. The legislature passed and the Governor vetoed HB370, Require Sheriff Cooperation with ICE. North Carolina NOW supported the veto. Update on state budget stalemate.

NC NOW Legislative Update #25 – 8/14/19 – includes a summary via gifs of the budget standoff and its negative consequences. Definitely worth a look! And what Democratic legislators are doing in response to the tragic shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. Be sure to read what one of the survivors of the shooting at UNCC said. 

NC NOW Legislative Update #24 – 7/29/19 talks about the impasse on the state budget. The update this week is that Rep. Cody Henson, R-Transylvania, has resigned his seat after pleading guilty to cyberstalking his estranged wife, and the larger situations their case illustrates.

NC NOW Legislative Update #23 – 7/15/19 There has been no vote yet whether to override the governor’s veto of the budget.  Republicans are scrambling, trying to find enough votes to override (i.e., offering pork), but are meeting Democratic resistance. The governor has advanced budget negotiations by offering a compromise bill that keeps most of the provisions of the vetoed bill but includes an unrestricted Medicaid expansion provision and corporate tax cuts that would provide funding for teachers and education. More in the summary. 

NC NOW’s 22nd legislative update summary talks about Governor Cooper vetoing the NCGA’s proposed budget on 6/28/19, a day after the legislature passed it. The NCGA budget did not include Medicaid expansion at all. Governor Cooper believes it also fails in the areas of education and the economy, and he will offer a counter-proposal.  The summary also talks about the shocking amount of money the budget hands over to anti-abortion organizations that run crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), including quadrupling the amount to the Texas based Human Coalition organization, even though the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) *CANNOT* recommend the organization, and neither can the Better Business Bureau. 

NC NOW Legislative Update #21 (24 Jun 19) talks about budget negotiations and hurdles to the Governor signing (like legislature’s refusal to expand Medicaid). The Legislative Update says, “If the governor should veto the budget and his veto be upheld, we are in for a long, hot summer.” And so we are!

NC NOW Legislative Update #20 (17 Jun 19) talks about state budget reconciliation process between the House and Senate. Both budgets give tax cuts to big business. Neither budget expands Medicaid, but the Senate budget actually cut the Medicaid budget. Most appalling is the secretive process – the budget negotiations are taking place in secret behind closed doors, in a process that excludes not only Democratic lawmakers but also the general public and, presumably, testimony from expert witnesses.”

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