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Protect Reproductive Healthcare! Save Lives! 4/10/18



Gailya Paliga, President, NC National Organization for Women,,
Karen Ziegler, Tuesdays With Tillis Indivisible,


Raleigh, NC – 4/9/18 – President Trump’s policies and Congress have had a disastrous affect on women and families in North Carolina, the United States and the world.  On Tuesday April 10 at 11:30 am, members and supporters of NC NOW (National Organization of Women), NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, El Pueblo, and Population Connection join Tuesdays with Tillis Indivisible to demand that Senator Tillis respond with legislative support to remedy the repressive policies which cost women their lives.  

Join us as we concentrate on reproductive care and reproductive justice policies at the federal level.  Do you know there is a US policy which cuts off all US health funding for other countries as America tries to control other countries’ reproductive care (via the Global Gag Rule, which President Trump instated and expanded in January 2017).  And Congress renews the heinous Hyde Amendment every year! The Hyde Amendment prohibits low income women, federal employees and their dependents and others from using their own insurance or Medicaid to cover abortions. This means Congress targets a range of women from getting a specific medical procedure via the Hyde Amendment – and has done so every year since 1976.

“The Hyde Amendment is nothing more than playing politics with the lives of those who traditionally have lacked access to quality, affordable care, such as poor women, rural communities and young people,” said Tara Romano, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

What: Rally to Save Women’s Lives and protest policies at home and abroad which target women’s access to reproductive health care.
Date: Tuesday, April 10
Time: 11:30 am -12:30pm
Place: In front of Terry Sanford Federal Office Building, 310 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh 27601

The Global Gag rule, the Hyde Amendment, and cuts to state and local funding as well as the erosion of the reproductive rights of women all have legislative remedies. 

Past versions of the Gag Rule have been devastating to family planning programs around the world impacting $600 million in US foreign aid. The expansion of the policy to other global health programs will be catastrophic—potentially affecting $9.5 billion or more in US aid, according to Suzanne Ehlers, president and CEO of the global reproductive health organization PAI.

“Every year, 300,000 women die of maternity related complications – 47,000 as a result of unsafe abortion. That’s why we’re calling on Senator Tillis to support the Global HER Act which would repeal Trump’s deadly Global Gag Rule,” said Amanda Murray of Population Connection said.

We call on Senator Tillis to support legislation which would end the Hyde Amendment and repeal Trump’s devastating and deadly Global Gag Rule.

Additional Information:

“Playing political games with women’s lives,” NC Policy Watch, 11/7/17, at

“The Impact of President Trump’s ‘Global Gag Rule’ on Women’s Health is Becoming Clear,”, 2/4/18, at

“Trump’s global gag rule goes far beyond abortion, groups say,”, 1/23/18, at



Mobilizing Women NOW: NC NOW State Conference October 21, 2017

October 5, 2017

CONTACT: Gailya Paliga, President, NC National Organization for Women,,

Mobilizing Women NOW: NC NOW State Conference October 21, 2017

North Carolina National Organization for Women (NOW) will hold its annual conference on October 21 from 9 am to 4 pm at Haymount United Methodist Church in Fayetteville. Secretary Of State Elaine Marshall is the keynote speaker, and Sarah Preston from Lillian’s List will get women ready to run for office. The conference theme is ‘Mobilizing Women NOW!’

Never has the need been greater than in 2017 for women to push back and move forward. Decades of progress towards women’s equality is being turned back by the current administrations in Washington, D.C. and in North Carolina. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty,” Thomas Jefferson said so long ago. Join us in Fayetteville to find out about the situation in NC and to get some tools for the resistance.

Conference Attendees will learn more about the national action plans that the national board has created to help all chapters. Workshops will cover gerrymandering and related lawsuits, ‘Equality Denied: ERA Mobilization Reignites’ and ‘powerful programs that pop!’ and more.

“Women are pushing back and moving forward, demanding our human rights and freedom from unwanted intrusions in our privacy and pursuit of happiness,” says Gailya Paliga, president of NC NOW. “Women are mobilizing NOW!”

Fayetteville NOW President Sharon Johnson explains that part of the state conference is educational, and part motivational. “It’s a time to network and get organized to focus women’s power to make changes that our state desperately needs to help women and our state move forward.”

Where: Haymount United Methodist Church, 1700 Ft. Bragg Road, in Fayetteville NC 28303

When: Saturday, October 21, from 9:00 AM-4 PM, registration begins at 8:30 AM.

NC NOW President, Gailya Paliga, is available for interviews. For more information about NC NOW, visit; or for the National Organization for Women, visit

Members of the media are welcome to attend. Advance and on-site interviews can be arranged. For more information about the conference or to attend, contact Gailya Paliga, NC National Organization for Women,, 919-539-7702.


ABOUT NOW: NOW’s purpose is to achieve social, economic and political equality for women. As the grassroots arm of the women’s movement, the National Organization for Women is dedicated to its multi-issue and multi-strategy approach to women’s rights. NOW is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of contributing members and more than 500 local and campus affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. North Carolina has seven active NOW chapters serving Asheville, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Raleigh and the Triad (Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point).


Durham County, First Women Human Rights County in South!

September 12, 17

CONTACT: Beth Dehghan,

Durham County, First Women Human Rights County in South!

Durham County Board of Commissioners passed a CEDAW resolution unanimously at their general meeting on September 11, 2017.

Cities For CEDAW supporters pose for a picture. Includes members of WomenNC, NC NOW, and ActionNC. Photo Credit: Beth Dehghan


What is CEDAW?
The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, or CEDAW, is an international mechanism that outlines women’s fundamental human rights treaty. The Counties and Cities for CEDAW campaign is a national grassroots effort that provides tools and leadership to empower local women’s organizations and municipalities to effectively protect women’s human rights within their city, county, or state.

Why CEDAW in Durham?
Durham County, the average man earns more than $14,000 more each year than the average woman while women, ages 25-34, are the largest population of people in poverty. At least 13% of teenagers in the county have experienced sexual assault. For more statistics on these issues, check out and Durham continues to face gender inequity issues related to a lack of affordable housing, rates of unemployment, intimate partner violence, wage inequalities, healthcare and more. While Durham County is one of the most progressive counties in North Carolina, it has the potential to make enormous strides for women and girls!

How CEDAW Works
While the federal government may not be willing to codify this convention into law, cities and counties across the country are playing an important role in implementing CEDAW, directly impacting the everyday lives of countless people in the United States. The North Carolina Cities and Counties for CEDAW Coalition brings together advocates, the Durham Women’s Commission, university students, and government officials in North Carolina to implement the principles of CEDAW in our towns, cities, and counties through the following.

  • Research conducted by university students and led by WomenNC and the North Carolina Coalition for CEDAW member organizations on women’s health, economic disparities, childcare, violence against women, employment, education, and leadership. These research reports will emphasize the lives of African-American and immigrant women.
  • Reviews of these research reports by the Durham County Women’s Commission to present an annual plan to the Durham County Commissioners with recommendations on policy changes and allocation of the budget for women-related programs.

Since 1998, several counties and cities across the nation have adopted such an ordinance reflecting CEDAW principles such as Pittsburgh, Louisville, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Pale County, Miami, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Sarasota, New Orleans, Dale City, Eugene, Los Angeles, Berkley, and San Francisco. These cities and counties have used the CEDAW human rights framework to guide policymaking, developing a number of innovative programs and tools to advance women’s human rights.

This coalition welcomes multiple stakeholders including elected officials, commissions, the media, business, youth, NGOs, faith communities and women leaders. The campaign will focus on engaging advocates and government officials in communities of all sizes and regions. The coalition includes ActionNC, NC National Organization for Women (NC NOW), NC Women United, AAUW-NC, League of Women Voters, United Nations Association of Wake County, UN WomenNC chapter, the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice, Durham NOW, Durham Crisis Response, and the Durham Women’s Commission.


NOW: Voters Will Remember Who Took Their Health Care Away

Statement by NOW President Terry O’Neill

Today’s narrow vote for a disastrous health care bill will come back to haunt House Republicans. The members of Congress who voted for this bill have sealed their fate with the electorate. Billionaires and conservative superPACs may have bought their vote today, but they can’t buy a blindfold big enough to keep voters from seeing the truth.

The truth is that this bill will take health insurance away from tens of millions of people, many of whom are already living at the margins. The bill encourages mean-spirited Republican governors to opt out of the essential health benefits that are a lifeline to so many, and to allow insurance companies to deny benefits to tens of thousands of people with pre-existing conditions.

Under the AHCA, surviving sexual assault or domestic violence, battling postpartum depression, or having a cesarean section would all be considered pre-existing conditions–at a staggering cost to women. Black women are at a disproportionate risk for breast cancer than other racial and ethnic groups, and breast cancer survivors would see their premiums shoot up by over $28,000.

Now, it’s up to voters to deny their bought-and-paid for members of Congress another term in office. We will make it our top priority to unseat everyone who voted for this extremist attack on our health care rights today.

M.E. Ficarra , , 951-547-1241



NOW: Protect Immigrant Workers–on May Day, and Every Day

Statement by NOW President Terry O’Neill
On May 1, as people around the country rise up to take action for immigrant rights, I am thrilled to announce the launch of NOW’s targeted campaign to protect immigrant restaurant workers.

Right now, immigrants across the country are facing extreme xenophobia. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids are breaking apart families–deporting individuals whose documents may not be in order, but who nonetheless help to sustain the U.S labor force and create vibrant communities.

The restaurant industry employs 1.1 million undocumented immigrants, and 52% of all restaurant workers are women. Individual restaurants are uniquely poised to make a difference in the lives of immigrant workers, and activists can help make this happen.

In partnership with Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, NOW is calling for restaurants around the nation to become Sanctuary Restaurants. Sanctuary Restaurants designate themselves as establishments where xenophobia, sexism, and racism will not be tolerated–and actively work to protect their employees from discrimination. Immigrant rights supporters around the country can participate in the campaign by asking their favorite restaurant to consider becoming a Sanctuary Restaurant.

No human being is illegal, and all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at work. This May Day, and as we continue to grow this Sanctuary Restaurants movement, we need to take our activism hyper local to protect the rights of undocumented people. Activists: look to your communities, and fight for your neighbors.

M.E. Ficarra , , 951-547-1241


NOW: The Verdict on Trump’s First 100 Days Is In—He’s Guilty of Turning Back The Clock On Women

Statement by NOW President Terry O’Neill
Donald Trump’s first 100 days have taken a terrible toll on women.

Perhaps his most dangerous move was the illegitimate installation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a jurist who has a record of hostility to reproductive rights and prioritizing corporate interests over access to basic health care. And Donald Trump, who campaigned on the promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, would surely not have made this choice if Gorsuch’s views on Roe were in any doubt.

The Trump Cabinet is a who’s who of sexism and disregard for women. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made millions on the fraudulent reverse mortgage scheme known as “widow foreclosures,” which capitalized on a loophole that forced the elderly out of their homes upon the death of a spouse.

Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary, the ethically challenged Tom Price, has launched a crusade to eviscerate Obamacare and remove essential health benefits such as prenatal and maternity care. Trump’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos lacks even the most basic understanding of Title IX, the landmark legislation that outlaws sex discrimination in educational institutions and programs that receive federal aid, and addresses sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination, and sexual violence.

See the rest of the press release at


Roe Event: The Elections Results Impact on Reproductive Rights, in Fayetteville on 1/25/17

Fayetteville NOW
PO Box 53816, Fayetteville, NC 28305

January 12, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sharon Johnson 910-489-0100 –
                  Roberta Waddle 910-624-6516 –

Fayetteville National Organization for Women (NOW) will hold a community forum on January 25, 2017 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the North Regional Library at 855 McArthur Road in Fayetteville.

The speakers will discuss “The Elections Results Impact on Reproductive Rights”.
Panelists will be Naveed Aziz, MD, Heather Williams, Health Educator for Planned Parenthood and The Honorable Rick Glazier, Director of the North Carolina Justice Center.

Dr. Aziz practices medicine in Spring Lake. She serves on the Board of Better Health and provides free diabetes education seminars for the public that are attended by around 150 people and conducted every three months. Heather Williams provides health education programs for young people and will talk about those programs. Rick Glazier is a former legislator and is the Executive Director of the North Carolina Justice Center that provides policy analysis on many issues.

According to Sharon Johnson, Fayetteville NOW President: “Reproductive justice is one of NOW’s core issues and with the present political climate we are very concerned about women’s health. We want to offer the community some information and discuss possible future actions.”

Questions from the audience will be entertained.



Women’s March On Raleigh: Women Mobilize NC Press Release – 1/6/17

Raleigh, N.C. – A multiracial, multi-religious, and multi-generational grassroots group of women are planning a Women’s March on Raleigh (WMOR). It is a solidarity event with the Women’s March on Washington, also taking place January 21st, 2017.

Dozens of women and allies have been planning the march from the basement of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church for the past several weeks. Reverend Michelle Laws of the NAACP is a confirmed speaker, as well as MaryBe McMillan of the NC AFL-CIO and Sarah Preston of Lillian’s List.

Read the entire press release, including quotes from organizers Salma Mirza, Carly Jones, Anna Grant, and NC NOW’s President, Gailya Paliga at WMOR Press Release.


Women Making History NOW Conference Press Release – 9/5/16

2016 is a banner year to celebrate “Women Making History NOW!” NC National Organization for Women (NC NOW) celebrates the 50th anniversary of the NOW’s founding, as well as the nomination of the first woman for president by a major political party, at our annual conference on Saturday, October 1 in Raleigh. We’ll look at how far women have come in 50 years and what we still need to do for all people to be treated truly as equals.
Our keynote speaker is State Auditor Beth Wood, who will speak about ‘the female effect.’ Please join us!

See Women Making History NOW Conference Press Release 


NC NOW: HB 2 Disastrous for Women

Press release about how the new law resulting from House Bill 2 (HB 2) goes way beyond the LGBT community. The extensive changes to protections in this bill hurt women in shocking ways.  Published 4/7/16.

See NC NOW Press Release: HB 2 Disastrous for Women


She Wins, We Win Press Conference and Rally, 3/3/16

National Women’s Rights Leaders Join NC Leaders in Support of Hillary Clinton, March 3, 2016

This press release was emailed on 3/2/16.  It was posted on the NC NOW website on 3/2/16.  See it at PRESS ADVISORY SWWW Final.


Congresswoman Alma Adams to deliver keynote address at NC NOW Annual Conference, October 10, 2015

Contact: Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women and NC NOW PAC

This press release was emailed on 9/15/15.  It was posted on the NC NOW website on 9/21/15.  See it at


NC National Organization for Women Announces General Election Endorsements,  October 15, 2014

Contact: Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women and NC NOW PAC

This press release was emailed on 10/15/14.  It was posted on the NC NOW website on 10/24/14.  See it at


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