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  1. Good morning,
    I just moved to Asheville and would like to join a local chapter of a feminist organization such as NOW.

    I am looking for a place to share and exchange thoughts and discussion about current issues and trends I thought k are important concerning women.

    Is there such a place to meet and share in discussion?

    Thank you,
    Ellie Pechet, M.Ed.

  2. I was arrested this Saturday for no reason. My paper work says intoxication. Police were called to mellow mushroom in Asheville nc for men fighting, I was walking out of the establishment when I was stoped and asked about the men. I had no idea who they were or why they were looking for them. I stood there and answered the police officers questions. I said I don’t know them and the officer continued to say that I had to know them at which point I basically said not screaming nor being disruptive this is bullshit. At which point he yelled arrest her and I had 3 cops on top of me. I have lacerations on my calf broken nails a neck pain and bruises all over.when I was released I went home to get my mom and went directly to the police station to ask why I was arrested and was shown the video. I sat there in shock along with the police officer showing me the video. I am seen standing there holding my phone saying I don’t know who those men were. I asked the cop why I was arrested and he looked at me and said I don’t know you looked fine and we’re not being destructive. I need help, I have filled a formal complaint and have talked to internal affairs and was told to wait for someone to call me. I don’t know where to turn and I feel like I can’t fight against the police. I have contacted attorneys and they all say the same thing, I need to pay them so they can help me. If your reading this I would appreciate some guidance. I feel lost in a sea of blue tape.. help me please

    1. That sounds terrible. I am so sorry that happened to you.

      Do you have documentation of the damage they did? I bet you have pictures. Maybe you went to a doctor for your neck and the doctor documented the physical pain they caused?

      As a disclaimer, NOW is not a service organization and NC NOW does not have lawyers on staff.

      You may try the ACLU-NC for advice. I think it would be worth finding a good and experienced lawyer and getting real legal advice. Maybe ACLU or friends could suggest a good lawyer?

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