Join on Pro-choice Signature Ad (January 2021)

On this page, the Pro-choice Signature Ad sign up is first. It is followed by who had the biggest impact in 2020, and a reminder of threats to abortion access in 2019 (seems so long ago now!). NC NOW’s annual Pro-choice Signature Ad got a new look in 2020. We look forward to a new inspired look in 2021. 

NC NOW’s Pro-choice Signature Ad got a new look in 2020.  Click on this picture to compare the new versus past looks, or go to

To get your name in online, fill in this online form and continue to make a donation via paypal or by check. Standard donation is $35, but any amount helps. If you want your name in the ad but cannot afford a donation at this time, email

You can pay through Paypal through the links below, print off the form and mail it, or enter your information and we will mail or email you a followup letter/invoice.  You can also donate to NC NOW anonymously using the appeal form and online.  We can accept names online or by phone through Jan. 16.

Choose your own donation amount ($250, $100, $75, $55, $25, minimum $10), using this PayPal variable donation link.

Donate the traditional amount, using this PayPal link for $35.

If you prefer to mail a check, use the form at Pro-choice Signature Ad Form (2021).  Please print and mail in with your check or credit card payment information. (2021 form coming soon)

Every North Carolina legislator will later receive a copy of this ad, proving that there is a large pro-choice contingent across the entire state of North Carolina.

You know you want your own representatives to see their own supporters names (including your name) when they look at the ad they will receive.


In September 2020, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away after decades of fighting for reproductive rights and civil rights on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  Read about the amazing RBG here.

“The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well-being and dignity. … When government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices.”
–Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1995 Senate Confirmation Hearing

Ruth Bader Ginsburg always took an uncompromising stand for women’s reproductive rights. On the Supreme Court she fought hard for women’s rights in general and especially for women’s reproductive rights. Today more than ever before what Ginsburg called a woman’s right not to be “treated as less than a fully adult human” is in jeopardy. Though she is gone, we will honor her legacy by continuing the fight for a woman’s well-being and dignity.
Losing Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Supreme Court means the burden of defending abortion rights has shifted to the states.  Here in North Carolina, the forces for abortion rights have been historically strong, but with new threats emerging, our voices must grow stronger and our support for a woman’s right to choose must become more visible.  To preserve our hard-won right we must continue to show strong grassroots support for reproductive rights here in North Carolina.

Defend Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy by supporting North Carolina NOW’s signature ad to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision with a strong statement upholding women’s reproductive rights. The two-page ad will run in the centerfold of the January 27, 2021, edition of Indy Week, a weekly newspaper serving the Triangle area.

As the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision approaches, it is important for us to take a stand and make a public statement in support of the rights it protects. We invite you to join us in signing our annual Pro-choice Signature Ad Form (2021) and/or making a donation! NC NOW runs a pro-choice signature ad in the Indy Weekly (previously known as The Independent Weekly) every year. The ad runs in January, timed with the January 22 anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision (1/22/73) that gave women control over their bodies and lives. 2021 marks the 48th anniversary of Roe. The signature ad commemorates Roe v. Wade, and also raises money for NOW’s work in North Carolina.

Make your statement (I’m Pro-Choice Too!) by including your name in the ad and/or by making a donation to NC NOW.

Find the 2021 appeal letter at Pro-choice Signature Ad Form (2021). Read it for more information or you can print and mail in with any donation.  If you mail it in after January 20, please also email nownorthcarolina at or fill in your information online (below) to make sure we get your name in the ad.  After January 20, we may  be able to fit a few names, so email anyway.

Every year, we run the pro-choice signature ad in the Indy Weekly on or near the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women the right to control their own reproductive lives.  North Carolina NOW takes over the entire centerfold of the Indy Week periodical. We print columns of names of North Carolinians who support women’s reproductive rights. The ad runs in Indy Week. In late winter or early spring, depending on when the NC Legislature is in session, we deliver pro-choice signature ad packets to every one of our NC Senate and House representatives.

============= Remember in 2019 ================

The war against women’s reproductive rights has escalated to unprecedented heights. A slew of abortion ban bills were introduced around the country in 2019.  See a few examples in NC and Other State Abortion Bans – What Are We Looking At?  In North Carolina, we’ve just experienced one of the least productive legislative sessions in North Carolina history. The NC General Assembly finally adjourned in November with no more damage done to reproductive rights—but the threats are real and ongoing. Our governor vetoed an outrageous bill claiming to protect born-alive fetuses from murder on the grounds that existing law already protects born-alive infants. Other equally outrageous bills were introduced, but died in committee. Anti-abortion forces no longer enjoy free reign to implement their extreme agenda here in North Carolina—with one major exception.

Wide Shot of Stop the Ban Rally in Raleigh on 5/20/2019. This is not all of us! Photo Credit: Sam Bennett

The budget vetoed by Gov. Cooper included over 2.6 million dollars given away to anti-abortion organizations and even directly to “crisis pregnancy” centers.  These “fake clinics” provide few if any medical services.  Instead they lure women seeking abortion services and spread misleading and untrue anti-abortion propaganda.  Their sole purpose is to dissuade women from having abortions.  It is an outrage to give 2.6 million in tax dollars to fund activities of the anti-abortion movement.

In 2020, we celebrated the 47th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. 

Our signature ad appeal letters capture what happened with choice and sometimes with the NCGA, and sometimes with national organizations (like ALEC) that year.

Here are some past Pro-Choice Signature Ad letters.  These letters cover years after North Carolina turned hostile toward women and reproductive rights. North Carolina had been a relatively progressive state before 2011.

2020 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2020
2019 –
Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2019
2018 –Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2018
2017 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2017 
2016 – Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2016
2015 –
 Pro-Choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2015
2014 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2014
2013 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2013
2012 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2012


17 thoughts on “Join on Pro-choice Signature Ad (January 2021)

  1. Since slavery has been outlawed, only I get to decide what happens in my womb. You get to be in charge of YOUR body parts

  2. We will be better as a country if we help all our citizens live a free, healthy and productive life in the way they choose, recognizing that each of us is valuable and worthy of respect.

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