Join on pro-choice signature ad (January 2017)

NC NOW’s pro-choice signature ad is our annual statement and fundraiser. Please make your statement in 2017 by including your name in the ad!  And by making a donation to NC NOW.

Find the 2017 appeal letter at Pro-choice signature ad – 2017.  Read it for your information or you can print and mail in with any donation.  If you mail it in, please also email or fill in your information online (below) before Jan 13 to make sure we get your name in the ad.  After Jan 13, we may  be able to fit it, so email anyway.

Every year, we run the pro-choice signature ad in the Indy Weekly on or near the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women the right to control their own reproductive lives.  North Carolina NOW takes over the entire centerfold of the Indy Week periodical. We print columns of names of North Carolinians who support women’s reproductive rights. The ad runs in Indy Week, and we deliver a pro-choice signature ad packet to every one of our NC Senate and House representatives. This commemorates Roe v. Wade, and also raises money for our work in North Carolina.

In 2017, we celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision.

To get your name in online, fill in this form and continue to make a donation.

You can pay through Paypal through the links below, print off the form and mail it, or enter your information and we will mail or email you a followup letter/invoice.  You can also donate to NC NOW anonymously using the appeal form and online.  We can accept names online or by phone through Monday, Jan 16.

Pay the standard donation, using this PayPal link for $35.

Choose your own donation amount (minimum $10), using this PayPal variable donation link.

If you prefer to mail a check, you can find the 2017 ad at Pro-choice signature ad – 2017.  Please print and mail in with your check or credit card payment information.


Our signature ad appeal letters capture what happened with choice and sometimes with the NCGA, and sometimes with national organizations (like ALEC) that year.

Here are some past Pro-Choice Signature Ad letters.  These letters cover years after North Carolina turned hostile toward women and reproductive rights. North Carolina had been a relatively progressive state before 2012.
2016 – Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2016
2015 –
 Pro-Choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2015
2014 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2014
2013 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2013
2012 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2012


6 responses to “Join on pro-choice signature ad (January 2017)

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  5. Since slavery has been outlawed, only I get to decide what happens in my womb. You get to be in charge of YOUR body parts

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