Join on Pro-choice Signature Ad (January 2022)

On this page, the Pro-choice Signature Ad sign up is first, and then remembrances from some other years, and then a listing of past appeal letters. We were excited when NC NOW’s annual Pro-choice Signature Ad got a new look in 2020 – with a picture from the abortion bans rally in Raleigh in 2019. We topped that in 2021 by incorporating an original painting of Ruth Bader Ginsburg created for us by artist Kathy Kos in 2021. See both ads here.

NC NOW’s Pro-choice Signature Ad got a new look in 2020.  Click on this picture to compare the new versus past looks, or go to

NC NOW ProChoice Signature Ad 1.27.2021.Final.weblg

To get your name in online, fill in this online form and continue to make a donation via paypal or by check. Standard donation is $35, but any amount helps. If you want your name in the ad but cannot afford a donation at this time, email

You can pay through Paypal through the links below, print off the form and mail it, or enter your information and we will mail or email you a followup letter/invoice.  You can also donate to NC NOW anonymously using the appeal form and online.  We can accept names online or by phone through Jan. 19. Please mail by Jan. 14.

Choose your own donation amount ($250, $100, $75, $55, $25, minimum $10), using this PayPal variable donation link.

Donate the traditional amount, using this PayPal link for $35.

If you prefer to mail a check, use the form at Pro-choice Signature Ad Form (2022).  Please print and mail in with your check or credit card payment information. (NC NOW 2022 form coming soon)

Every North Carolina legislator will later receive a copy of this ad, proving that there is a large pro-choice contingent across the entire state of North Carolina. Sign up here if you want to help prepare or deliver the signature ad packets in Raleigh.

You know you want your own representatives to see their own supporters names (including your name) when they look at the ad they will receive.


Here are some past Pro-Choice Signature Ad letters.  These letters cover years after North Carolina turned hostile toward women and reproductive rights. North Carolina had been a relatively progressive state before 2011.

2021 – Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2021
2020 – Pro-choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2020
2019 –
Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2019
2018 –Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2018
2017 – Pro-choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2017 
2016 – Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2016
2015 –
 Pro-Choice Signature Ad Appeal Letter – 2015
2014 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2014
2013 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2013
2012 – Pro-choice Signature Ad appeal letter – 2012


19 thoughts on “Join on Pro-choice Signature Ad (January 2022)

  1. Since slavery has been outlawed, only I get to decide what happens in my womb. You get to be in charge of YOUR body parts

  2. We will be better as a country if we help all our citizens live a free, healthy and productive life in the way they choose, recognizing that each of us is valuable and worthy of respect.

  3. A woman certainly must have the right to make all choices regarding her body, including reproductive choices. If you believe the choice of wearing or not wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic is a liberty and freedom all should have then if you fail to support a woman’s choice regarding her body and reproductive decisions, you are a hypocrite. You are deciding and stating that women do not have the liberty and freedom that you claim all should have. We will be watching how each of our legislators vote on this liberty and freedom issue and will vote against those who do not defend a women’s right to choice by keeping abortion and birth control options available to every women.

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