Summer 2020 Articles: Military #MeToo, Breonna Taylor, Campus Rape Now Easier, More

Here are some recent articles that may interest you on the topics of  a military #metoo movement, murder of Breonna Taylor, how Campus Rape is now easier to get away with due to bad changes to rules of Title IX, how Covid-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health, and more.

Campus Rape Now Easier

You may have missed this one on what Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has done for campus rapists and how she’s changed Title IX rules. Title IX is the federal law which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Anna Lynch writes, “How did the Department of Education become a protection racket for college campus abusers? Let’s break it down from the beginning.”  See
The Department of Education is a Protection Racket,” 8/5/20.

Military #MeToo movement

The issue of violence committed against women in the U.S. military, including sexual assault, and the military’s frequently inadequate response, has been prominently covered lately due to continued revelations, protests, and finally some progress.

The Military Failed Vanessa Guillen and Others. It Must Do Better.” in Ms. Magazine, which explains how much her family did and “major deficiencies exposed by her case —including slow or negligent investigation of missing persons, lack of communication with families and handling of sex crimes.”

For an update on her case and other murders at Fort Hood which were not being investigated, see “Getting Justice For Soldier Vanessa Guillén and Others,” 8/18/20, WomenAdvaNCe.

Incredibly enough, there has been movement at Fort Hood. See “Fort Hood commander loses position following string of deadly incidents,” 9/1/20, The Hill.

An earlier story about Vanessa Guillen ran in the Fayetteville Observer in July as the first coverage of her explosive disappearance and murder in that paper in “NC NOW president: The military failed Vanessa Guillen,” 7/27/20.  This is significant because Fort Bragg is adjacent to Fayetteville.

North Carolina has its own troubles at Fort Bragg

Interference in a military sexual assault case is glaringly illustrated in the case of Captain Erin Scanlon (retired). 

Military Interference in Sexual Assault Case of Captain Erin Scanlon at Fort Bragg,” 8/4/20, in Ms Magazine.

An earlier version of this was captured at “#MeToo movement exposes failure of U.S. military to take seriously sexual assault” at

Black Lives Matter: Surprising twists in Breonna Taylor murder

Turns out the knockless warrant was more appalling since the police already had the drug dealer in custody before they broke into Breonna Taylors apartment. There are more twists to this story, and issues of control in Taylor’s life. SeeSilent Epidemic: The Case for Breonna Taylor.”

Louisiana Abortion Case Okay

SeeSCOTUS Follows Precedent in Louisiana Abortion Case,” 7/8/20, WomenAdvaNCe.

COVID-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health

Talks about how some try to paint women’s reproductive health as separate and different from all other types of healthcare. It has been segregated and considered its own standalone medical item while frequently overlooked. Abortion is part of comprehensive women’s healthcare and must be considered as such. Additionally, it has legal protections that other procedures do not. It is not ‘elective’ surgery. Read more at “COVID-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health,” 5/13/20, WomenAdvaNCe.

(Actually this was published in May, but it’s really relevant)


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