“Why the ERA, Why NOW” Press Conference Videos Available

Did you miss the ERA-NC Alliance press conference last April? Maybe you went and want to enjoy the speeches again! Videos of the 3 speeches from the press conference from 4/12/16 are now available online.  The theme of our event was “Why the ERA, Why NOW”?  The event was held on “Equal Pay Day” which recognizes when women (on average) finally make what men had made (on average) the year before. 


Gailya Paliga, Dr. E. Faye Williams, Roberta Madden at ERA-NC Alliance Press Conference at WFU.                  Photo Credit: Diana Gray

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that would expressly prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.  ERA-NC Alliance is a coalition of women’s groups and individuals who are formally working together in NC to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed.

The press conference was led by Roberta Madden, co-founder of RatifyERANC. See Madden’s speech here.

Our guest speaker was Dr. E. Faye Williams, National President and CEO of the National Congress of Black Women.  See Dr. Williams’ speech here.

Our last speaker was Gailya Paliga, President of NC National Organization for Women.  See Paliga’s speech here.

The launch event included a press conference, a panel discussion, and a reception. See the program and the lead organization for the launch event at ERA-NC Commissioning Program 4-12-2016v4.

Read more about the launch event at “Best Cake Ever and Other Highlights from ERA-NC Launch“.


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