Three Protests in Raleigh for Justice for Vanessa Guillen on 7/25/20

There were at least three protests for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on Saturday, July 25. Some of these protests are being organized by younger women moved to action, very grassroots. NC NOW had learned about the noon caravan (first one) and NC NOW became involved in the evening one at the state capitol (third one). There was an article on the second one in the News and Observer on July 26. Here is information on all three.

1. On July 25 at noon, El Colectivo NC organized a caravan of vehicles which left from Tryon Rd, calling for justice for people of color who had been recently murdered. The four people were soldiers Vanessa Guillen and Enrique Roman Martinez,  plus two citizens murdered by police – Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.  Organizers posted that 24 cars took part in the caravan.

2. July 25, from 11am to 3pm, there was a protest for #JusticeforVanessaGuillen on the block between the state capitol and the Legislative Building.

This protest was covered in “Thousands of miles from Fort Hood, NC Latinos honor slain soldier, call for change,” July 25, News and Observer.

3. July 25, from 5pm to 8pm, a larger protest was held at the state Capitol in Raleigh that included chants, marches and speeches. Some of the speeches were prepared in advance, as by Captain Erin Scanlon and NC NOW state president Gailya Paliga. Activist Jocelyn Hunter read a powerful poem, “Silence.” Other people spoke spontaneously about Vanessa Guillen. This event included at least 50 people by 5:30pm. People were still coming after 7pm. Organizers counted closer to 80 protesters before 8pm.


Press coverage of this event at CBS-17, “Protesters seek full investigation in killing of Fort Hood soldier,” 7/25/20. NC NOW coverage on the event, with pictures and some speeches, at Great Turnout at Protest for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on 7/25/20. This event was announced with a Press Release: Peaceful Protest for Justice for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on 7/25/20 


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