How to contact NC’s US Senators – Burr and Tillis

Looks like there are going to be many reasons to contact NC’s state senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis.

You can call or write them or email them.  Calling is faster, but writing leaves a permanent record.  Better yet – call and write!

Your calls won’t take but a minute each (unless you choose to talk to the person answering the phone for longer). Definitely leave your name and city with them and let the Senator’s office write you back.

We are including the Washington DC numbers for North Carolina’s US Senators. If you prefer to look our Senators up and call them at their local offices (closer to your home), following the links for contact information.

Sen. Richard Burr – Phone: (202) 224-3154
Contact info at and choose under ‘How can I help you?’ to send an email to comment on legislation (note: his website changed on 3/19/15).
Direct email address:

Senator Richard Burr
Russell Senate Office Building
217 Constitution Ave NE
Washington, DC 20510

Sen. Thom Tillis – Phone: (202) 224-6342
…..Send a written message through his contact form at
(Updated on 7/14/16.)
Direct email address:

If you write them, and I do suggest writing them, suggest both of them add another message topic to their sites’ pulldown menu with the topic of ‘women’.   I hate to have to choose ‘other’ with regard to women’s issues like equal pay, violence against women, reproductive rights, voting rights, jobs, etc.

Shortlink to this page:


26 responses to “How to contact NC’s US Senators – Burr and Tillis

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  4. senator Burr,
    Please stand firm against choosing a supreme court justice during Obamas’ term. Be aware of a sweet talking wolf in sheeps clothing .
    I love my country, and if a liberal appointment is approved ,
    We are doomed. Thanks Bob Fowler

  5. Dr. Alfred R Loeblich III

    Enjoy your support for Rubio. You are a moron and my family will work to see that you are voted out of office, Trump will be the next President. My family is going to start with this election to vote out all incumbents and can’t wait to vote against you.

    • Hi Doctor,
      This isn’t actually Burr’s site – it is a NC National Organization for Women site. I included how to reach Burr when he was stonewalling very well qualified women of color. By all means, find his site and tell him off 😉
      -NC NOW

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  7. Please vote no for Betsy DeVos for secretary of education. Our schools and students deserve better. Thank you.

  8. Debra Bennick-Triming

    Thanks for the info. I just emailed both Senators after spending hours trying to get through the Capital switchboard. I do not expect a response from either, as I have emailed both in the past, and only received an automatic response. I hope the movement will continue to grow, and each supporter takes the time to march, call, email, and resist. Thank you for all you do!

  9. Deborah D Williams

    Do not vote in DeVoss. Incompetent, inexperienced, ill prepared to run our schools. Just because she and her family sent $43,000 your way, doesn’t mean you have to sell us down the river…which you will.

  10. Thanks for this!

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  14. You know as well as I do that Donald is unstable.The people of NC deserves better from you and him.Dont support this Tax cut/Health Bill it is political suicide…because Donald even called it Mean and Heartless; I cant wait to see those ADs in 6 short months #2018

  15. Tom Tillis email is incorrect. My email was sent back to me, undeliverable.

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  21. Why are you stonewalling the Trump investigation
    This is a matter of National Security not politics
    Do the right thing

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