Action: Stop AHCA/Trumpcare NOW! Here is how..

Take action on devastating Trumpcare/AHCA bill. . It will devastate those who will no longer be able to afford health care, those kicked off Medicaid, those with pre-existing conditions. The CBO estimated over 24 MILLION PEOPLE would lose health care based on the March 2017 version of this bill – which got worse, not better.

Trumpcare attacks women, elderly, more. Take Action NOW!

The Trumpcare bill is now worse – call your Congressperson today! The latest version of the bill allows states to kick new mothers off Medicaid, in addition to defunding Planned Parenthood and eliminating coverage for women’s reproductive healthcare. And it’s worse than that.

Medicaid Reform and Expansion Panel Writeup

Summary of LWV’s Medicaid Expansion panel that included medical professionals, an insurance professional and a legislator. Got background info on Medicaid, costs, information on a detailed study with county by county benefits published in Dec 2014. This study concluded that expanding Medicaid in NC would lead to nearly $22 billion in increased business!!