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NC NOW Newsletter – May/June 2017

The NC NOW Newsletter May/Jun 2017 is available online and in print. 

What you will find inside our newsletter.

  • Some of the NC Senate’s despicable actions, page 1.
  • What chapters around the state have been doing (page 2)
  • Why Science is a women’s issue in ‘Women in Science’ on page 3
  • The Feminist 5K event, scheduled for June 17, is on page 3. Note that NC NOW members get a special discount.
  • About a pro-rape Representative from New Hampshire on page 4
  • More problems with Trumpcare on page 4
  • Robin Davis’ insightful summaries of ERA activities (what Nevada did, strategies) and about what really happened with HB2 in April on page 5. These are from Legislative Update #9. NC NOW has 16 Legislative Updates to date (May 20, 2017). Legislative Update #16 talks about the Senate Budget.

Upcoming events for May and June 2017 are posted on the website.

Events and actions are also emailed to members and volunteers. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t already. Enjoy the newsletter!


Budget, ALEC, Bad Vouchers Ruling, Redistricting – 24th Legislative Update

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #24 Summary – July 25, 2015

Here is a summary of NC NOW’s legislative update with a few other points, which was emailed to members last Sunday, 7/26/15.

Senate adds all Republicans to Budget Conference Committee
The Senate has appointed its budget conference committee members—the 32 Republican Senators who voted for the Senate budget (only Sen. Bob Rucho was excluded). There are already 82 House members on the conference committee making a grand total of 114 members.  Clearly, a core group of leaders will be meeting separately to write the actual budget.  The Senate has ended committee meetings in order to concentrate on the budget.
ALEC Wields More Influence in NC Than Almost Any Other State
But the budget was on the back burner this week since Speaker Moore, Sen. Bob Rucho, and eight other Republican House members left Raleigh for San Diego to attend the annual conference of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  Follow this link to see their names and the ALEC proposals that have been introduced in North Carolina:  

ALEC - legislator per corp

Now that our state Supreme Court has given a green light to school vouchers, the obvious next step is to follow ALEC’s plan to extend  vouchers to middle-class students (see  ALEC wields more influence in North Carolina than almost any other state.

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NC NOW Newsletter – August 2015

The August NC NOW newsletter is hot off the presses and available at

Weird mid-summer realities are being exposed because the NCGA is still in session—over 3 weeks past when the budget was due on Jun 30th.  Many of our conservative lawmakers are in San Diego with ALEC this week (Jul 22-24) and 8,592 of our Teacher Assistants could become unemployed over the next two years if they don’t fix the budget, more on page 4.  And remember, one of the first punitive pieces of legislation done in 2013 (House Bill 4) SLASHED unemployment amounts and how long people can receive it (from up to 26 weeks to around 12-16 weeks).  If the TAs are eligible for unemployment. 

Pink Slip Truth Tour – Fayetteville NC Stop

Photo Credit: Frank B. Maness 

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The Economics of Education – Report on forum at NCCU on 2/3/15

I had attended a forum on ‘the economics of education’ which was held at NCCU in Durham on Tuesday, 2/3/15.  4 school district superintendents talked about their schools, funding and the state of public education in their districts and around the state.

The main message for me is ‘Our children and our teachers deserve better’.

The disparity in per pupil spending is ASTOUNDING!! Ranging from $4100 per pupil spending in Chapel Hill (last year) to $328 per pupil in Wayne County. Seriously.

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FB: Even expanding Medicaid this late would only help NC!

Posted on the NC NOW facebook page on May 4, 2014.

Good news, surprising only to these doomsayers. The bigger boon to NC would be expanding Medicaid. The BILLIONS of DOLLARS in FEDERAL MONEY would provide health care for working people (many single moms), freeing up money for their local communities. The FEDERAL MONEY would also provide jobs in the medical field to cover these new people – estimated were 18,000-25,000 new jobs. The FEDERAL MONEY would also help hospitals and clinics, all across NC, most notably in rural communities. Expanding Medicaid is a win/win/win on health coverage, money for businesses and hospitals, and providing new jobs.

Expand Medicaid NOW

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Why you should vote!

Women made up 54% of the early voters, according to “NC Nears End of 2014’s In Person Early Voting”, 10/31/14.  This is interesting, since women make up 54% of registered voters in NC.  I thought the stats for women would be higher, since women’s bodies and support programs and income were targeted in so many legislative bills and laws passed in the last 2 years by this NC General Assembly and Governor.


(Picture of NOW members protesting at the State Capitol in 2013, where Governor McCrory’s office is – see our signs!)

My top concerns for women and families are education, health and reproductive care, and economic security.  We have suffered in all of these areas over the past 4 years, with the most damage being done in the last 2 years.  Here are some examples of damage done in the last 2 years.

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What you can do to get out the vote NOW!

Vote yourself! Be sure to check NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC’s endorsements at

Motivate others to vote! NC NOW set up phone banking opportunities this Tuesday and Thursday around the state. We have phone banking sites for this Tuesday, Oct 28, and Thursday, Oct 30, in 5 cities.

Over 100 thousand people voted on the first day of early voting in NC!! Fantastic!! A Charlotte TV station says people are “coming out in droves” to vote. Women have worked so hard to be able to vote, and this election is so utterly important, we want to do everything we can to ensure every NOW member votes!

To this end, NC NOW is coordinating phone banks of our members in 5 cities around NC. We are partnering with the Communications Workers of America to Get Out The Vote! National NOW started calling our NC member lists last week! We at NC NOW are continuing with calls to our members this week. You know how crucial this election is for women and the whole state. Plus calling with others is more fun!

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NC NOW Conference Pictures and Summary

“Demand Justice for Women NOW” was the theme for our 2014 NC NOW State Conference, which we held in at the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting building.

We had members from across NC, from Fayetteville to Asheville.  Three life members of NOW attended – Jan Allen, Mandy Carter and Margaret Mays.

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Which issues matter most to you?

The NC NOW Legislative Agenda for 2014/2015 is developed with input from NC NOW members.  The agenda outlines the organization’s public policy priorities.

To determine these priorities we had asked NC NOW chapters to network with their members and complete the survey below identifying priorities. We will also check on priorities at the conference, after people have heard more about what the NC Legislature did in 2013/2014.

Did you get to any Moral Mondays in 2013 or 2014?  Why?

Moral Monday 16 Feb 14 - see signs Vicki Boyer

Here is your chance to weigh in on legislative issues – which ones matter most to you?  Which ones did you get out to Moral Mondays for (if you were able to go)?  Which ones made you write your representatives?

Find the survey at  NC NOW State Conf. Legislative Agenda Survey-1

Please email your chapter leader if known, or email it to with your name, city and zipcode, and we will consider members’ input in our public policy priorities in 2014/2015.

Demand Justice For Women NOW! 10/11/14

Demand Justice for Women NOW!
NC NOW State Conference
Saturday, Oct 11, 2014
Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Building

The NC National Organization For Women conference theme this year is “Demand Justice for Women NOW!”  Come hear Rep. Pricey Harrison, our excellent and exciting keynote speaker.  Rep. Harrison has proven commitment to women and the environment.  She has long experience in the NC General Assembly, as well as law and activist background.  Her knowledge and interest go perfectly with our conference theme of exploring what changes the state made and how to get justice for women.

Rep. Pricey Harrison
Representing the 57th district in the NC House of Representatives since 2005

Attendees will enjoy the opportunity to connect with other women and men from chapter across the state. The day will include presentations on the ERA (which we need more and more in the face of laws that target women) and Immigration, given by chapter leaders and activist. The panel includes experts who will discuss issues surrounding legislative developments impacting Health Care, Seniors, Economic Security and Education.

Please join other feminists at our annual NC NOW state conference at the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Building at 531 Raleigh Road in Chapel Hill, NC.

SAM_3611_cropemail Photo: NC NOW members at the State Capitol in Raleigh
before the Moral Monday on 6/24/13

People interested in joining a NOW Chapter or learning about NOW are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be provided at registration. Enjoy lunch with an inspiring keynote speaker. Stay with us and join our ACTION on immigration immediately following the conference!

NC NOW’s Call to conference/Fall Newsletter can be found at  The cost is sliding scale for members, $35 for non-members.  There is a special student rate of $10.  You can join and attend for $40 (another special).

If you want to put a relevant ad in our conference program, use the form at

The facebook event is at