In defense of Wildin David Acosta

Wildin Acosta’s Durham community managed to keep his case alive in the hearts and minds of his Durham school community, city community, and in the news. Their hard work gives him a chance to plead his asylum case, keeps the ICE raids and deportations in the news, and keeps attention on the terrible way that the United States is treating children, families and individuals. Read it to believe it.

One saved, one lost of the NC 6 plus more

One of the NC6 has been at least temporarily saved, another just deported to the country where her father was murdered. Learn more about how the Durham community fought to get Wildin Acosta back, and how the US is treating certain immigrants at our State Conference on Oct 1, 2016.

Teachers: Public school system in crisis. STOP. Send money! STOP.

Teachers and advocates put forth great effort to voice needs for students, for other teachers, teacher assistants and staff, and for public education in general. There was a 2 day trek to Raleigh, an advocacy day, a press conference, a failed attempt to meet with the Governor, and a big arrest.

Ellie Smeal and Terry O’Neill are coming to Raleigh – 3/3/16

BREAKING NEWS: Fabulous Feminist Ellie Smeal (Ms. Magazine and Feminist Majority), and NOW president Terry O’Neill are coming to Raleigh on March 3 at 11am! They are just a few of the exciting speakers lined up for this She Wins, We Win rally!

Employment Situation of Women in Wake County – On The Record!

Wake County Commission for Women (WCCW) released a wide-ranging and informative report that tracks and evaluates the current condition of Wake County women in the work force. In addition to assessing the level of income disparity between the sexes, the study identifies and investigates the barriers to access job-seeking women face when entering and re-entering the labor market. It further provides an overview of programs that exist to assist women in overcoming such impediments and offers a set of recommendations to reduce their effect.

TAKE ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools (NCJC)

URGENT ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools, Hamper Teachers’ Ability to Educate. NC Justice Center makes it easy!

Take Action: Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate! Lawmakers go after it again.

TAKE ACTION! Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate! Tell your NC Senator to vote NO on the House version of Senate Bill 279! See how here.

Budget, ALEC, Bad Vouchers Ruling, Redistricting – 24th Legislative Update

NC NOW’s 24th Legislative Update includes budget, ALEC, bad vouchers ruling, confederate flag bill signed, Greensboro redistricting case. Update was mailed on 7/25/15.

NC NOW Newsletter – August 2015

The August 2015 NC NOW Newsletter shows upcoming events and new articles on Sandra Bland, budget threatening 8,592 more TAs and keeping public school staff and children in limbo, push to expand Medicaid, and new study showing the vast majority of women do NOT regret having abortions.

8,592 Teacher Assistants in Limbo as NCGA vacationed and argues

The NC Senate budget includes 8,592 TAs losing their jobs in the next 2 years. The Senators obviously don’t know how vital TAs have become to public education in the absence of proper funding. Losing TAs will hurt students, teachers and staff. Meanwhile, the Senate plans $600 million in extra corporate tax cuts.